Things you should know before you take the plunge

Microblading is the latest and greatest service ever to happen to eyebrows that is guaranteed to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!! We all know what it is so let's take a look at some differences between microblading and shaded/powder eyebrows:

*the following statements are based on my experience with my clients and are in no way a guarantee of your results. Also, all lengths of time written below will never be accurate for every person. Your results will vary.

Microblading vs. Shading

The above table compares microblading to shading. All data in the graph is from my own clients and experience as a permanent makeup artist. I have seen many microbladed eyebrows that look beautiful for a short period of time, and old microblading that does not look so beautiful. It has been my experience that a shaded eyebrow lasts longer, retains better color and is a more comfortable procedure overall.

I know you have more questions. Schedule your consultation with me and get them ALL answered.

Choose wisely, this is your face!

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