Skin and Lashes

Dermaplaning & Lash Lifts

We are more than permanent makeup!  We offer skincare and eyelash services as well.  Specializing in specific services ensures we focus all our attention on the details of that service.  

Dermaplaning is a fantastic exfoliation and hair removal service.  Have you ever thought about shaving your face to remove the soft hair that grows on most of our cheeks and jaw line?  That is precisely what a dermaplane does.  Gently shaving the face removes that hair and exfoliates dead skin. Combined with a luxurious mask and moisturizer, your skin will glow. 


We have two dermaplane offerings: The Max and the Mini. 


The Mini is for when you only have 30 minutes but want all the benefits of beautifully exfoliated skin.  During your service you will receive a cleanse, dermaplane, moisturizer and SPF.  A truly fast and simple facial for when you're on the go.

The Max is the full treatment experience.  A cleanse, extractions, dermaplane, mask, serum, moisturizer and SPF leaves your skin exfoliated, hair free and thoroughly moisturized.  

The lash lift, with or without tint, is the perfect alternative to eyelash extensions.  The lift creates a natural curl that lasts between 6-8 weeks and the tint makes the lashes darker, similar to mascara.  All lashes are a good fit for this service, especially lashes that grow straight or down.  

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